Go on an adventure or give an adventure as a gift!

You can use one ticket for an Adventure, which can be replayed as many times as you like.
Play alone, with your team or give as a gift. Guaranteed Adventure Experience!*

*Don’t forget, if you didn’t enjoy the Adventure, we will refund you 80% of the selected package price. 
You can find details in the Terms of Use.

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Solo Pass

If you buy a Solo Pass, you will have access to the game with one phone, but the number of players is not limited. Based on feedback, it is worth choosing this ticket type even for 2 players.

Friends & Family Pass

By purchasing a Friends & Family Pass, you can play simultaneously from 5 phones. For smaller groups, we recommend choosing this option.

Group Pass

With a Group Pass, you can play together from an unlimited number of phones. For a group of over 10 people, we recommend choosing this option.

Do I need to make a reservation for the Adventure?

No, you don’t need to make a reservation for the Adventure. You can use the Adventure Pass in the application and start the Adventure at a time of your choice.

How can I purchase an Adventure as a gift?

On the Passes page, select the desired pass type, and after clicking on the “Buy now!” button, you can specify whether you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift. In the case of purchasing as a gift, shortly after completing the purchase, you will receive an email containing a printable Gift Card as an attachment.

How can I use my Adventure Pass?

For the selected Adventure, click on the “Start” button and confirm that you want to use your available pass.

When can I start the acquired Adventure?

You can start the Adventure anytime, even from the comfort of your home, as there is no time limit for the game. We recommend starting the Adventure in advance to ensure that any potential network issues do not affect the beginning of the game.

The acquired Adventure can be started and played again an unlimited number of times.

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