Real Adventures in which you and your friends are the protagonists!

World of Adventures is an outdoor game that provides a real adventure experience. By playing one mission at a time, you will discover the most wonderful places in the world, and in the meantime you will solve exciting puzzles with your team of Adventurers.

We present the world of WofA!

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WofA Kalandozás
WofA Feladványok vs Tárgyak
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World of Adventures - Szabadulj ki a szabadba! - Baráti -
World of Adventures - Szabadulj ki a szabadba! - Családi -

We present
the world of Wofa!

This game combines the challenge of escape rooms and the thrill of geocaching, spiced up with an augmented reality experience. In our outdoor escape games, similar to traditional escape rooms, you have to solve various logical puzzles while you are hiking somewhere in Pilis, walking in Buda Castle, or cycling around Lake Velence.


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You can use one ticket for one Adventure, which you can replay as many times as you like.
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Unique Adventures for special occasions

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, hen or stag party, or any special event, create an Adventure that revolves around you! Play through a completely unique Adventure Story on the route of your choice!

Try the Adventure of Tie, the Evil right now for free, from your home!

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Adventure experience

To solve the Adventures, you will need a smartphone, comfortable clothing, logic, creative cooperation, and imagination. There is no appointment, neither time frame.


Explore and discover the world’s most amazing locations!


Can you follow the tracks?


Real challenges await you.

Multiplayer mode

You can decide to embark on the journey with your team.


Secret surprises await in the world of augmented reality!


Protect the Earth and share it with the World.

We present the world of Adventures!

A mese hősei - WofA Kaland
2099: Újbudapest veszélyben - WofA Kaland

We present the world of Adventures!

It’s up to you when and for how long you embark on the adventure in the world of WofA, as you can progress at your own pace and take breaks anytime. You can experience the adventures as a pair, with a larger group of friends, or even with the whole family, as it can be a great leisure activity. The adventures vary in difficulty in terms of terrain and riddles.

The world of WofA

In the world of Wofa, you can already test your imagination and skills in 134 locations.

Try the Adventure of Tie, the Evil right now for free, from your home!

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Katalin Hargitai

Since I was little, I loved exploring. I never wanted to lose sight of anything because I would climb to the top of the pigeon house, or sit on the bus waiting for workers in front of our house, or wander off to my aunt and uncle’s on the other side of town instead of going to kindergarten. I even sneaked onto the swing at the nearby inn instead of going to daycare and swore that my mom knew about it. In the backyard, I skillfully used a small brush and various tools to excavate snail shells, fragments of pottery, and bones buried by the dog. So, the spirit of adventure and discovery runs in my veins, and if I can do all of this outdoors, it’s like Heaven to me. Even to this day, when I hike alone and come across a forest trail, I often embark on it into the unknown. It excites me to wonder what I might find there. That’s why Csaba’s fantastic party, the World of Adventures, combining escape rooms, role-playing games, geocaching, and modern electronics, all set in nature, is such a great idea in my opinion. It’s on my bucket list.

Nikolett Czakó

I am the bride for whom The Legend of the Fire Ring game was prepared. First and foremost, I want to express my immense gratitude to all of you! You are amazing ❤️ I was absolutely amazed that all of this was for me, and it will remain for others as well ❤️ I love playing with you and I love that I always get to see something unique and new in the field. I have never explored Badacsony like this before; it was an incredible experience. Thank you once again!

Zsuzsanna Siposs

We wanted to make our vacation memorable with an active program, so we chose the World of Adventures Dörgicse Adventure. Although we have been in the area several times before, this game took us along a beautiful and unknown route, which was worth exchanging the shores of Lake Balaton for forest trails for a while.

During our journey, we discovered caves, summoned spirits, searched for AR objects, and not only freed Dörgicse from zombies but also from the trash we found along the roads.

After completing the mission, Lake Balaton was waiting for us once again!


On my second try, I had the opportunity to experience the “WofA: When the Fog Descends” adventure on the route between Balatonszemes and Siófok. After solving the puzzles, I found myself captivated by the mysterious fog enveloping the opposite shore and the glass-like surface of the water. Especially considering the storyline’s connection to the fog.

It’s an excellent primary activity where there’s no need to rush since it’s not time-based. You can leisurely stop, admire the surroundings, take a dip, and I highly recommend it even for those who are not particularly athletic but still want to have a great time at Lake Balaton. 🙂

Tímea Tokaji

Within the framework of the World of Adventures game, we completed an almost 10 km hike in Mátrakeresztes. Lately, I’ve been into 10 km walks, so time flew by quickly. I enjoyed the tasks, and fortunately, what made Pisti blink, I solved in a matter of seconds, and vice versa. 😂 For those who enjoy hiking and like escape rooms, this combination will also be a hit!

Universum 8 team

On Earth Day 2022, we participated in one of the team-building adventures of World of Adventures. We explored a part of the city center, climbed Gellért Hill, and collected over 6 bags of trash to make the city more beautiful. We completed the challenge, and the Universum 8 team proved worthy to be Crystal Guardians!

Zsófia Varga

It’s a creative application that adds an interesting and exciting twist to hiking and exploring. We quickly became engrossed and eagerly searched for the treasure like little children. 😆

Anna Vargáné Kis

Today, we visited Hűvösvölgy in pursuit of the Mágus ládája (Wizard’s Chest), and it was our second WofA adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The route offered pleasant hiking paths, a fun mission, an engaging storyline, and a mix of puzzles and GPS-based searching. 🙂

Our Partners

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