Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose an Adventure?

You can search on the website and in the app in map view. The colors of Adventure Markers indicate the difficulty level of riddles you can expect on a particular trail. By clicking on individual Adventures, you can read a brief description about the Adventure Story.

In the app’s Search menu, you can also filter Adventures by length, estimated duration, riddles and terrain difficulty, Adventure language, and country.

In this video, we demonstrate the search options available in the app.

On the website, you can find additional information about the Adventures. In addition to the filtering options, there are also tags to help you navigate, such as indicating which Adventures are located close to a restaurant or where you can expect breathtaking panoramas.

What do the Adventure Markers' colors mean?

The colors of the Adventure Markers indicate the difficulty level of riddles you can encounter in the Adventure. Green represents easy puzzles (rated 1-3 on a scale of 10), yellow signifies tricky puzzles (rated 4-6), and red indicates extremely challenging puzzles (rated 7-10).

In which languages can we play?

Our Adventures are available in Hungarian and English. Many of our Adventures are already accessible in both languages.

Please make sure to start the Adventure in the language you want to play, as once you have used your Pass on it, there is no option to switch languages later.

Can we go on adventures with children?

Yes, regardless of the Adventure you choose, children usually enjoy searching for locations and AR objects. Older children can participate in solving puzzles in Adventures marked with the green color. Additionally, we have Adventures specifically designed for children. Look for them using the For kids tag. Take into consideration the abilities and preferences of your young adventure companions when selecting the length, duration, and terrain difficulty.

Can we go on adventures with dogs?

All of our Adventures are dog-friendly. We primarily recommend Forest tagged Adventures when you go with them.

How to Choose an Adventure Pass?

If you buy a Solo Pass, you will have access to the game with one phone, but the number of players is not limited. Based on feedback, it is worth choosing this ticket type even for 2 players.

By purchasing a Friends & Family Pass, you can play simultaneously from 5 phones. For smaller groups, we recommend choosing this option.

With a Group Pass, you can play together from an unlimited number of phones. For a group of over 10 people, we recommend choosing this option.

How many Adventures can I use one Adventure Pass for?

You can use one Adventure Pass for a freely chosen Adventure. However, the Adventure you acquire can be replayed as many times as you like.

How can I purchase an Adventure as a gift?

On the Passes page, select the desired pass type, and after clicking on the “Buy now!” button, you can specify whether you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift. In the case of purchasing as a gift, shortly after completing the purchase, you will receive an email containing a printable Gift Card as an attachment.

Can I make a purchase using a corporate account?

On the Passes page, select the desired pass type, and after clicking on the “Buy Now” button, you can specify whether you are purchasing as an individual or as a company.

If you wish to purchase a large quantity of passes at once, please contact us at

How and until when can I redeem the WofA Gift Card?

In our “Redeem” section, enter the code and your email address to redeem it.

After purchase, you can redeem the Wofa Gift Card for an Adventure Pass within 1 year. The redemption and usage are separate in terms of time. Feel free to redeem it immediately, and then you can use the acquired Adventure Pass for an unlimited period of time.

How can I redeem the coupon I purchased from partners?

In our “Redeem” section, select the “Coupon” tab, choose the appropriate partner from the list, and fill in the required information. We strive to provide you with your tickets as quickly as possible, but please be aware that this process may take 24-48 hours to complete.

Some partners may require you to complete the redemption process on their platform as well. If the redemption deadline on your coupon has already passed, we kindly ask you to contact the issuing company to inquire about the possibility of an extension.

How can I register?

During your first purchase and when redeeming a Gift Card or coupon, you will be automatically registered in our system. Alternatively, you can also register yourself by accessing the “Login” menu in the WofA application.

Do I need to make a reservation for the Adventure?

No, you don’t need to make a reservation for the Adventure. You can use the Adventure Pass in the application and start the Adventure at a time of your choice.

How can I use my Adventure Pass?

For the selected Adventure, click on the “Start” button and confirm that you want to use your available pass.

When can I start the acquired Adventure?

You can start the Adventure anytime, even from the comfort of your home, as there is no time limit for the game. We recommend starting the Adventure in advance to ensure that any potential network issues do not affect the beginning of the game.

The acquired Adventure can be started and played again an unlimited number of times.

What do I need for the Adventure besides my mobile phone?

For the game itself, in certain cases, it can be helpful to have pen and paper, which can assist you in thinking through the riddles. Alternatively, you can also use the Notes application on your mobile phone for this purpose.

Prepare all the necessary equipment you would bring on a hike, considering the chosen terrain and weather conditions. Read our related article for more information on this topic.

If your phone tends to run out of battery quickly, it’s worth bringing a backup power source like a power bank with you. In colder weather, be aware that batteries may drain faster than usual.

How can I invite others to join the Adventure?

Start the selected Adventure in the app. After that, click on the icon representing people on the bottom menu bar. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite and send them the invitation by clicking on the arrow. The counter after the arrow shows how many invitations you have sent and how many spots are available in your team in total.

For Android phones, when entering email addresses, please avoid using the “.com” key and instead input each character individually. This is because on certain device models, using the “.com” key can lead to errors.

Can I continue a partially completed Adventure later on?

You can find the partially completed Adventure in the “Running games” section of the app for up to 1 month. If you start it from there, you can continue from where you left off. After 1 month, you won’t be able to continue it, but you can start it again from the beginning.

If I encounter any issues during my Adventure, how can I seek assistance?

If you’re having difficulty solving a riddle, click on the “Give up” button, and you will receive the solution.

If you have any other issues, feel free to call Csaba! We have sent you his contact information in the confirmation email after your purchase.

If you have any further questions that were not answered here, please contact us.

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