Treasure of the Romans

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Location icon Hungary, Budapest Area, Jági educational trail, Pilisszentiván, Pilis Mountains
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3 hour
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4 km
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Difficult (8/10)
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Easy (2/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Hungarian

As a recent graduated archaeologist, you did a research on the expansion of the Roman Empire. During the surveys, you come across a special description of a forgotten Roman treasury. It was, according to legend, a storage room where all the looted gold, precious stones and other special valuables were taken. According to your teachers, the whole thing is just a fairy tale, and the treasure chamber does not even exist. At least so far no one has been able to reveal their location ... 

Do you have enough desire for adventure to get into this treasure hunt with uncertain outcomes? 

This Adventure takes you through a variety of easy terrain. Puzzles are only recommended for experienced Adventurers. 

Find the first Stop of the Adventure near the parking lot of the Jági educational trail.

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