Tie, the evil

Gúzs, a gonosz
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Location icon Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom,
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1 hour
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0 km
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Medium (5/10)
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Easy (1/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Hungarian, Polish

This is your first Adventure you can play anywhere to try out some of the WofA Adventure Experience!
Tie the fearless and evil wizard has cursed the whole generation of Adventurers, including You. He murmured a frosty, crippling spell under his nose that made all the Adventurers unable to move. He deprived them of what they enjoy most: Adventure out in nature with their peers and discover the most beautiful places in the world while exploring hidden treasures. Your mission now is to break this curse and save all the Adventurers from the shackles. Although you won’t be able to experience the joy of Adventure Outdoors with your team right now, this Adventure will show you what puzzles and items you can expect during your Adventures. After pressing the "START" button, you will see the 4 most important icons for your Adventure below. "STATIONS": here you will find all the puzzles and objects you need to find in a certain order. "MAP": here you can see your entire Adventure Route. "COMPASS": after you break the curse on your next Adventures, already out in nature, you will be able to search for each location. You can now proceed further with the "OPEN" button. "PLAYERS": here you will be able to invite your Adventure team based on their email addresses. Of course, the Adventure is not in Sopron, but can also be played in a home environment.

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