The Zombies of Dörgicse

A dörgicsei zombik
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Location icon Hungary, Dörgicse, Lake Balaton, Western Hungary
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3 hour
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6 km
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Medium (4/10)
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Medium (5/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Hungarian

Mysterious events are happening in Dörgicse today. Residents report that the dead are rising from their graves and harassing the living. You are experienced mediums specializing in rolling up and solving mystical cases like this, so the mayor is asking you to help the village and free the citizens of Dörgicse from zombie danger. You can’t say no to an adventure full of such thrills and mysteries, so take on that assignment.

The adventure takes you through moderately difficult terrain, while you have to solve riddles of mixed difficulty, so it can be an interesting experience for a familiar group of friends.

Look for the first station at the ruins of St. Peter's Double Church.

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