The Mage’s chest

The Mage’s Chest
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Location icon Hungary, Budapest, Hűvösvölgy
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3 hour
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6 km
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Medium (5/10)
Adventure icon
Medium (4/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Hungarian

You have heard a rumor at a nearby inn that there is a wizard in this forest who is surely keep a valuable treasure. You are an adventurous traveler and are determined to grab this treasure. The task is not without danger, as you will encounter many cunning creatures in this magical forest, and the mage who lives here does not like uninvited intruders.

During the Adventure, you will have to solve interesting riddles that will work your brain teasers. The route is a pleasant hiking trail dotted with milder ascents.

Find the first Stop of the Adventure near the scone maker in Hűvösvölgy.

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