The Jewel of the King

A Király ékszere
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2 hour
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3 km
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Medium (5/10)
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Easy (2/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Hungarian

You came to the capital to admire the royal jewels, but you are shocked to find that police cordons stand in your way, as an elite thief from a criminal gang in Budapest stole one of the royal jewels from the highly guarded dungeon of Buda Castle. But you weren't so carved out of wood that you just gave up your plans! You immediately assess opportunities and join crime detection as volunteer trackers. You decide to take up the challenge to find out which royal jewel has been stolen, where it is now, how it can be recovered, and what the robber’s pseudonym and killer device are. Yes! There must have been a murder here, so you have to put on your pants!

This Adventure contains riddles for all ages, based primarily on close observation of the environment. The route passes through one of the most beautiful parts of Budapest. The Adventure begins around Clark Ádám Square.

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