Sunk kingdom

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4 hour
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8 km
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Easy (3/10)
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Medium (4/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Polish

A found map shows the way to a sunken kingdom, where in addition to the charming princess you can find a fire-breathing dragon. Go through a mysterious area full of puzzles of the past, repair the effects of the spell and experience an interesting adventure in a mixed woods & meadows terrain.

People of all ages are warmly welcome to start this adventure, but especially those with children 7-12 years old, due to fable narration. The story links nature with historical elements and serves as a good alternative for spending time after lunch.

We suggest you wear trekking shoes, especially in wet year periods, due to a few muddy places. Don't forget to take binoculars (should you have one) to observe pond vegetation and animals. Close to Wysoki Staw (High Pond) there is a tiny beach. It is worth having a small rest & barbecue there.
Due to housing estate nearby, there are spots with lots of rubbish - we encourage you to collect some. Watch out Sosnowsky's hogweed marked spot in Stare bukowo old settlement - don't touch its stinging leaves.
Beginning & end of the adventure is terminal bus stop line 87 (Podborzanska). You could also park your car along Podborzanska street.

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