Pandemic city (PL)

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Location icon Poland, Poland, Szczecin and nearby
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3 hour
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6 km
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Difficult (8/10)
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Easy (2/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Polish

WHO is entrusting you with curbing the global virus outbreak. It is your job to develop the antidote and save a significant portion of the Earth’s population from the threat of unforeseeable consequences. Of course, only if you have the courage to accept the invitation?
To develop, you will need to locate the strictly guarded Laboratories in the City Park and Niebuszewo district. You will need to collect some of the components of the vaccine on the go and figure out how to prepare it.
Find the first Stop of the Adventure around City Hall. Check out picturesque corners of Kasprowicza Park and Niebuszewo.

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