In Search of Missing Men

Eltűnt férfiak nyomában
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Location icon Hungary, Budapest Area, Dera Gorge, Pilisszentkereszt, Pilis Mountains
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3 hour
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4 km
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Medium (4/10)
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Difficult (7/10)
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Pixel Adventures 2.

The young men disappeared from a settlement by the stream this morning. The police won't do anything for adults for 48 hours, so the villagers are asking you and your new four-legged friends to solve the mystery. The case seems extremely interesting and unusual enough for you to say yes. Pixel dog is still in training, but maybe there's something he can use his nose skills on.
You start looking for the clues in the parking lot of the Dera Gorge.

A moderately difficult tour due to the elevation gain. 128m up and the same down. But the beautiful horizon from the top of the mountain and the wild, fairytale-like Dera Gorge amply compensate for the long climb.

With small children this route is only recommended for experienced hikers. Don't hit it with a stroller!

There are also fire pits at the parking lot, it might be worth celebrating the end of the case with a bacon roast. (Of course, always take into account the local fire safety regulations!)

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