Elixir of longevity

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Location icon Poland, Poland, Szczecin and nearby
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4 hour
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10 km
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Medium (5/10)
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Easy (3/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Polish

The mysterious action in the dendrological garden changes a boring afternoon of the young forester into a crazy chase and discovery of a conspiracy that can change the fate of the world. Along the way, he comes to solve a few puzzles that will help him understand the cunning plan. Can you go through the less known corners of the Forest to discover the secret of a certain species of a tree?

The engaging story for adults, but also older children will have a great time. In late autumn, winter and spring, higher shoes with a thick sole and clothing resistant to dirt from mud are highly recommended. Piece of paper and ballpen would be handy for one of riddles. Access by your own vehicle to Glinna and further by signpost to the dendrological garden, where there is a free parking lot and the beginning and end of the route.

In sunny and warm weather, in addition to adventure, you can relax and spend the afternoon in the fresh air, with the possibility of barbecue on grass.

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