Caroline’s treasure

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3 hour
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7 km
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Difficult (7/10)
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Easy (3/10)
Playable in the following languages: English, Polish

Jan, a young monument conservation student, came to internships in Szczecin. He was directed to work with a fresh find of carved sandstone in the Arkoński Forest he did not realize that he would get involved in the family story of the rich Viek family, discovering things that he did not even dream. Go with him for a walk in the woods and learn interesting stories of places and people.

This adventure is recommended for adult users (mainly due to riddle difficulty), but younger ones could join as well.
Terrain is quite easy to walk, however trekking shoes would be nice-to-have in wet seasons or after rain. Small notepad with a pen will come in handy.
Start and finish of the adventure is nearby tram loop on Arkonska street (nearby junction with Wojciechowskiego street). Take line number 3. You could find as well a small parking lot for your car nearby.

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