Stories, that you can truly live through with your friends!

The World of Adventures is an outdoor game, which gives you a real adventure experience.

Going through a quest one by one you will discover the most beautiful places of the World, meanwhile you are going to solve exciting riddles with your adventure team.

Use your mobile app and the augmented reality to find the objects and the riddles that are necessary to complete your adventure.


This game combines the challenge of the escape rooms, the excitement of the geocaching, and the experience of augmented reality.


The most beautiful places of the World.


Can you follow the clues?


Real challenges are waiting for you.


Start a journey with your adventure team.

Augmented Reality

Objects are hidden in augmented reality.


Protect Mother Earth by collecting rubbish.

The WofA World

Pass Pricing

*Guaranteed Adventure-experience!

Single Pass

HUF 6500 / pass
HUF 3250 / player
for 2 players
Access with 1 device

Friends & Family Pass

HUF 11500 / pass
HUF 2300 / player
for 5 players
Access with 5 devices

Group Pass

HUF 15500 / pass
HUF 1550 / player
for 10 players
Access with unlimited devices

If you choose to play with your friends or family, we recommend you to select Friends & Family Pass or Group Pass to have a better adventure-experience for all of you.

*Do not forget, that if you do not enjoy your adventure, we will refund 80% of the purchased Pass price. Details in the Terms and Conditions.

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